Intangibles of Cappadocia

     This programme is one of the unique programmes in Cappadocia. While we are discovering the Cappadocia from another angle, you will see one of the best preserved Old Greek Village in Turkey named as Mustafapasa (origin from Greek: Sinasos). Also in this experience, you are going to visit one of the latest settlements of Christians in the region known as Soganli Valley.

Where are we heading during this programme?

Underground City of Kaymakli; the widest, enchanting, one of the over 100 most wonderful underground city in Cappadocia Touristic Region. It's situated on Aksaray province road on southwestern. Miraculously well protected and maintained structure is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.

Keslik Monastery; this rock-cut Byzantine complex, 10km south of Mustafapasa, is a labyrinth of a place where hundreds of monks lived. The main 13th-century monastery chapel has blackened frescoes, which friendly site guardian Cabir Coşkuner will host us with his hospitality. Also we will have the experience of monk living quarters underneath include a refectory and kitchen.

Greek Village (Mustafapasa); is also famous for the beautiful neo-classical facades & the ornately carved stonework of these houses. On some, date or name has been finely written into the decorative stonework in Greek letters; something that still points to the thriving Greek Orthodox community of wealthy merchants who settled in the town in the late 18th & 19th centuries.

Soganli Valley; is about 35 km south of Mustafapasa, with interesting hiking roads, lots of old churches and dovecotes inside the rocks. You may have fun while exploring the valley. There also used to be an old Turkish village at Soganli, with people living as they had been for centuries, but unfortunately this village was closed in 2011 by authorities.

What's Included?

Professional licensed tour guide
A/C non-smoking private van
Lunch in a local restaurant
Entrance fee(s) during the tour

Well-preserved church : Dark Church The widest underground city

What's Excluded?

Personal expenses
Tips (optional)
Drinks at the lunch

The best examples of Fairy Chimneys Hand-woven rugs